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Splash (Code: MS)

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Greetings from the PLAGE! Should we splash into the water or rather watch the swimming contest together? What a riot of colors, how many baby float! Which of the funny figures will win?

Team game for children older than two. For 1-6 children. Duration of the game: 10 minutes

The goal of the game: Be a fan one of the colored contestants! You can also guess who will be the first to swim across the pool!

Game rules: Put the board in front of you and place a contestant at the grass covered end of all the lanes! (So that the cheering crowd is on the opposite side.) When everything is ready the youngest player has to throw the dice. Move the figure with the same color the dice shows one step (only one!) forward in his own lane. Now its the next player's turn. Important!: the contestants can only move in their own lanes and they can move forward by only one step every turn. The figure that manages to cross the pool first is the winner. The game can also be played by a single person. Happy splashing!

Contents: 6 wooden figures, 1 dice, 1 game board.

Manufacturer: Marbushka
Material: All toys are primarily made by hand, using environment-friendly materials (wood, paper, semi-precious stones)

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