Full moon circus (Code: MHFMC)

Zirkus Vollmond Brettspiel von Marbushka
Zirkus Vollmond Brettspiel von Marbushka
Zirkus Vollmond Brettspiel von Marbushka
Zirkus Vollmond Brettspiel von Marbushka
Zirkus Vollmond Brettspiel von Marbushka
Zirkus Vollmond Brettspiel von Marbushka
Zirkus Vollmond Brettspiel von Marbushka
Zirkus Vollmond Brettspiel von Marbushka
Zirkus Vollmond Brettspiel von Marbushka
Zirkus Vollmond Brettspiel von Marbushka
Zirkus Vollmond Brettspiel von Marbushka
Zirkus Vollmond Brettspiel von Marbushka
Full moon circus
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The circus world is full of glamour, magic, and... intrigue. Who is the best, who is the most talented? That is always the question. The answer cannot be revealed until you get in the ring. But this task is harder than you think, because in the shadows of the circus wagons the jealous magician is watching you! He will do anything to prevent you and your partner reaching the stage. He wants the glory all to himself, and he wants to prevent you from performing your act in the circus tent with magic.

For 2-4 players above 5 years of age. Duration approx. 20 minutes.

Preparation for the game: Place the board in the middle of the table. Set the circus tent on the finish tile. Place the wicked magician in front of the tent entrance. When that's done, each player should choose a matching performer couple and the position disk belonging to them:

1. lion – lion tamer – triangle patterned disk
2. tattooed strongman – tattooed lady – tattoo disk
3. acrobat girl – violinist boy – striped disk
4. juggler – pony – ball disk

Put one of your figures on the start tile, and the other on a part of the darker brown path that is marked with a dot. You can put it on any marked tile, but there can only be one figure standing on one dot. Afterwards, take the white-bordered accessory disks and place one on each unoccupied dot on the dark brown path. Put the remaining disks and the spare figures back in the box.

The goal of the game: to get both of your performers into the circus tent, avoiding the wicked magician, so they can perform first.

How the game is played: The youngest player starts (then proceed clockwise). Throw the numbered die and take as many steps as the die shows with your figure standing on the start tile. When you reach a junction, you may decide which way to go on: on the shorter, light colored path, so you can reach the circus tent as soon as possible, or occasionally on the longer brown path, where:

1. you can get circus accessories, with which you will be able to weaken the magician's wicked spell... (learn more in the part about the magician). You have to stop on the tile where you found the circus accessory (if you have any remaining steps, you will lose them). Take the accessory and place your position disk in its place, where your figure is. For simplicity's sake, put it underneath your figure, but when you go on with your figure, leave the disk on the tile. When you find another accessory along the way (or when you meet your partner), you have to put the previous accessory back in its original place which was marked with your position disk. You now have to place the position disk on the tile where you collected the new accessory.


2. you meet your partner, and from then on, you move together on the path. You have to stop when you reach your partner as well, and mark this field with your position disk, too (if you already had an accessory, put it back in its place). If you find an accessory with your partner later on, then of course you have to place the position disk without putting your partner back in his/her place! EN circus-rules-5:Layout 1 3/12/14 2:44 PM Page 3

IMPORTANT: You can't take steps backwards! If you weren't paying attention and went past a junction, you can't turn back on the brown path at the next one! You can't pick up someone else's partner!

The magician: If you throw the magician sign, then take one step forward (clockwise) with the wicked magician (instead of your own figure) on the tiles around the tent. If the magician did not get back to the entrance yet with this step, then the game continues (the next player throws the die). But if he's reached the tent entrance again (made a full circle), take the magician die and throw again. The die will tell you who the magician has noticed:
1. Sadly, the magician noticed whoever's sign the dice shows, and sends you back with a spell: a. if your partner is not with you yet and you don't have an accessory yet either, then to the start tile b. if you already have your partner with you or you have collected an accessory, then the magician's spell will be weakened: So you only have to go back to the tile where you placed your position disk (along with your partner if you are already together).
2. If the die shows the sad face, then the magician has noticed everyone: so everyone has to go back according to the rules above.
3. But if the die shows a smiley face, that means that he didn't notice any of you. Everyone can stay where they are.

Following the spell, the game goes on: you creep onwards on the paths according to the die, and the magician continues his way around the tent.

TIP: It's worth paying attention to where the magician is in his round around the tent, because if he's close to the entrance, it's a good idea to quickly get a new accessory, so your position disk will be as close as possible in case someone throws your sign and you have to go back.

The end of the game: whoever gets into the tent with his/her partner first (you don't have to throw the exact number to get in) gets to perform first in the circus. (For stepping into the tent, you have to count the "magician tile" in front of the entrance as well.) The game can go on until everyone gets into the tent. But watch out! The magician may still be standing at the entrance when you would get into the tent. You ran right into his arms, so sadly, you have to go back to the tile where you collected your last accessory, which is marked by your position disk.

Note: Multiple players cannot stand on the same tile at the same time, so if there is already someone on the tile where you have to step, you may decide whether you want to step on the empty tile in front or behind. If your figures are already together and the magician's die shows your sign, then you have to go back with both figures. If the magician reaches the entrance while you are still standing on the tile where you collected an accessory or met your partner, then you can stay where you are (because your position disk is on this tile).

Contents: 1 game board, 9 figures, 1 circus tent, 4 position disks, 10 accessory disks, 2 dice

Manufacturer: Marbushka
Material: All toys are primarily made by hand, using environment-friendly materials (wood, paper, semi-precious stones)
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