Who am I in Wonderland? (Code: MWW)

Wer bin ich im Märchenland? brettspiel
Wer bin ich im Märchenland?
Wer bin ich im Märchenland?
Who am I in Wonderland?
Who am I in Wonderland?
Who am I in Wonderland?
Who am I in Wonderland?
Who am I in Wonderland?
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Which fairy tale hero would you like to be? The Dragon or the Princess? Lets make it a surprise instead! Pick a card and let the magic begin! Only the others can see who you have become, don't even try to look into the mirror! Your task is to ask clever questions and guess who you are based on the answers of the other players.

Guessing game for 2-6 players above 6 years of age

The aim of the game: To guess which fairy tale creature you have been turned into

How to play: The players decide who should be turned into a fairy tale creature first! After the first player is chosen, he/she has to pick a card from the well shuffled deck with his/her eyes closed. The others should fasten the chosen card to the forehead of the first player with the rubber band so that the figure on the card is clearly visible. The player asking the questions cannot look at the card during the course of the game ever! In order to guess who or what he/she turned into (what creature the card depicts) the first player has to ask questions from the other players but they can only answer with “Yes” or “No”. For example: - Am I human? Boy? Girl? Etc... The well known fairy tales can help you in coming up with the questions. If the first player successfully guesses who or what he/she has been turned into, he/she can look at the card and keep it and it is the next players turn. If the first player is unable to guess the card, you should set it aside. Before you start the game you should agree upon how many times you want to change (how many cards one player can pick during the game) and the player with the most cards at the end of the game wins!

Contents: 24 Animal fairy tale creatures, 24 Human fairy tale creatures, 1 Rubber band

Manufacturer: Marbushka
Material: All toys are primarily made by hand, using environment-friendly materials (wood, paper, semi-precious stones)

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