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Cosmopolitan - Cotton Ball Fairy Lights (Code: CHCBCM)

Cosmopolitan - Cotton Ball Fairy Lights
Cosmopolitan - Cotton Ball Fairy Lights
Cosmopolitan - Cotton Ball Fairy Lights
Cosmopolitan - Cotton Ball Fairy Lights
Cosmopolitan - Cotton Ball Fairy Lights
Cosmopolitan - Cotton Ball Fairy Lights
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Why we love it
Light strings with cotton balls are great accessories for any home. On as well as off, they are great eye-catchers.
The unique colour combinations were chosen specifically in adherence to the Scandinavian style. These colour combinations are only available at Cinnamon Home. Depending on your taste and goal, you can choose harmonic pastels (i.e., mint with gray, mint with brown, pink with gray, pink with brown), monochrome black and white, full-white, or a pastel string with a touch of neon.

How it is done:
The carefully crafted balls are made of cotton. Each ball is hand-wound: made of natural materials by traditional methods.
Cotton balls are manufactured under controlled conditions in Thailand in Fair Trade Factories. With the purchase of these lights you are supporting the Fair Trade movement. 

Inspiration ideas:
Decorate your covered terrace, patio, porch with the light-string. Suitable not only for parties: enjoy the lights any simple weekday evening!
In nursury rooms, kid's rooms, the light string makes a particularly cosy mood; before going to sleep it brings a fairytale world into the room. Besides, during the day, the funny colours of the balls are the highlight of the room.
In the living room, put or pinned over a picture / door / shelf / fireplace / the mirror, the light string makes a romantic mood.
At wintertime it is even more important to have enough light in the house: why are you not preparing for Christmas with the cozy lights of Cinnamon Home Cotton Ball Fairy Lights?
Since all our lights arrive in a beautiful gift box, you can also give the Cinnamon Home Cotton Ball Fairy Lights as a gift.
Make any wedding scene special and unforgettable with Cinnamon Home Cotton Ball Fairy Lights!

Technical details:
Our cotton string lights are illuminated by a commercial light string. The bulbs are therefore easily to change, and each light string comes with three replacement bulbs in the box. The light string is CE certified and is to be operated in a dry environment.
Total length of the light string = 165 cm (length of the string with balls) + 150 cm cable
Number of cotton balls on string: 20
Diameter of the balls: about 6 cm
Plug: 220V
Content: light string, 20 cotton ball, 3 pcs. replacement bulbs

Cotton balls are highly flexible. If some balls get a dent en route, one can fix it with a long, thin tool, eg. a knitting needle: just plug it through the hole and push the dent out.
If a bulb may burn out, it is easy to replace, and it does not affect the other bulbs.

The light string is as easy to assemble as 1x1: Each cotton ball has a small hole, next to which one shall make a small cut (1 cm) with a scissor and plug one bulb through the hole. Repeat this for all cotton balls. Done!

Each light string is CE certified.
Use the fairy lights only in a dry environment.
Keep away from children’s reach.
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