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SCHILD mit ASTON                  Cinnamon Home has had the luck to cooperate with the Swiss fashion company SCHILD. 

The designer section created a very nice new look for the storefront of all the Schild shops in Switzerland. The new collection for the ladies shows very delicate lines and moderate colours, like nude, grey and black. The designers of the magazine had a very nice choice as well, with a touch of brass to punctuate this elegant style. 

Schild has ordered the neat Aston lamps and the ZIG baskets, both created by House Doctor, from Cinnamon Home for their storefronts.
The effect is very cozy and super fashionable with simple lines, soft lights, high quality materials, the exquisite play with diamond shapes, as well as pierced and solid surfaces.

We are very proud of becoming a supplier of SCHILD and seeing our products in this environment.

ASTON von House Doctor bei SCHILD über Cinnamon Home   Installation bei SCHILD mit Cinnamon Home Produkte

Schaufenster in der Schweiz bei SCHILD

Schild Schaufenster

Schaufenster SCHILD mit ASTON

SCHILD und Cinnamon Home