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Urban Jungle - Photoshooting mit Oddhaus Vintage

Vintage, Retro und Midcentury Modern sind zu Recht beliebte Stielarten, die mit skandinavischer Stilrichtung super zusammenpassen! Die sind alle zeitlos, und meistens hochwertig. 


Deswegen hab ich mich gefreut, als die Gründerin von Oddhaus Vintage mich über eine Kooperation gefragt hat. Es war gar nicht schwer die passende Produkte zu finden!  Und weisst Ihr was? Wir haben eigentlich den Stil Urban Jungle "erfunden". Na ja, es war nicht schwer: natürlich ist der Schlüssel die wunderschöne Monstera Deliciosa und die Sansevieria, die jedes Raum zieren würden! Und daneben, Grün ist die Farbe des Jahres, es ist einfach schön etwas Natur ins Raum zu bringen!

Hier könnt Ihr doch das Ergebnis des "Photoshootings" Euch ankucken. Am Ende findet Ihr die Produkte, die wir verwendet haben.

IMG 1993 1

Für die Vintage Produkte besucht Ihr am liebsten die Seite von Oddhaus Vintage!

Die skandinavische Produkte findet Ihr bei uns, solange der Vorrat reicht.

Aspegren Kissen bloomingville kupferkorb House Doctor Lampenschirm DESIGN mint E14
House Doctor Vase Vip versch. Farben House Doctor magazin stand green Hübsch Decke mit Fransen gestreift
BLOSSOM Fluff Kanne grün von Nordal BLOSSOM Fluff Becher grün von Nordal House Doctor Candle holder THREE
Hängepott sand grau Hübsch diamant Kissenbezug grau Nordal Beistelltisch pastell rosa schale

Das wunderschöne Sofa in Mint ist noch immer zu verkaufen, gerne bei Oddhaus Vintage interessieren!

It's official: our physical shop is open!

Maybe you have noticed, that there is too much silence around Cinnamon Home? Well, actually we have worked a lot in the background.

So, it has started a few month ago... A friend, who has another online shop, came out with the idea, to open a physical shop. She has asked if I would be interested in participating in this project. Well, I got already several times the question, if my products could be seen in life before buying.  Well, online stores have a nice future, but people still like to get in touch with the products.
Well, all of us love to enter a cute shop and discover all the corners, right?
Now, int his particular shop, what we decided to open, we will have different corners with a different type of goods, like our Scandinavian home accessories in one, healthy first shoes in another, or cute party supply in a 3. one. 
That's quite a unique concept, right? But we believe, these products fit well together, our customers may love the other products as well.
So came the name of the shop very easily: Unicorner. You see.... Unique ... Corners....

IMG 3189
We decided to build a new brand, even if each of us has his own brand already. (Actually her.) But together we are stronger! We have planned a lot. Really a lot. Not only the branding but also the fit out of the shop. The scene needs to support all the products we have, so it might be simple, very light, with a lot of white and natural material. Actually, you won't wonder: the perfect style is the Scandinavian, what we have chosen. Clean, sometimes calming, sometimes playful.

IMG 3188

IMG 3193
The room what we have found is not huge. For startups like our businesses, it is not really affordable to rent huge spaces, it is common sense. But we could figure out, how could we promote the best way ourselves, how could we use the space the most efficient. We really love the result, but that is not important. The question is if our dear clients like the result, too?
We have a wall where we offer space for renting for pop-up stores. This is like 1 m wide, optionally with shelf and pegboard together. We are eager to see, what kind of different products are coming to our shop, to make more colourful our range!

One of the shop windows can be used as a bench, and together with the extendable table, it can be used as a workshop venue.  Can't wait to see the place full with people! We hope there will be a lot of nice events and workshops!

IMG 3185
We do have a fake fireplace as well. This furniture brings some flair into the room.

IMG 3191
We also plan to use our terrace front of the building. We hope, if the weather allows it, we can do a lot of things there.
Still, we are not ready with every details yet, but the shop is operating already, and we had our first customers this week. We are really proud of it! :) We hope, you will visit us soon, too! We are looking forward to seeing you!

UNICORNER Concept Store
35 Rue de Beggen
1221 Luxembourg


Retro. Sommerfarben. Relax.

Wir haben Euch schon benachrichtigt: der tolle grüne Magazinhalter von House Doctor ist bei uns eingetroffen. Er verfügt über ein zeitloses Design, er istkein Trendstück. Er ist eher ein Grundstück. Ein Detail im Wohnraum, was die Blicke auf sich zieht. Ein praktisches Ding, dasuns hilft, Ordnung zu halten.

Es ist noch kein Ende mit dem Retro-Feeling! Wer erinnert sich noch an die strapazierbaren aber herzigen Emaille-Tassen, worin die Oma uns frische Milch oder Kakao serviert hat? Schöne Grüße aus den Achtziger Jahren:

House Doctor magazine holder

Lykke Bang

House Doctor Magazinständer

Lykke Bang coaster

Lykke Bang trivet with Nordal cup

Bloomingville pillow with cross pattern

magazine holder House Doctor

Becher von Nordal

Magazinhalter von House Doctor

Schneidebrett von Lykke Bang

Kissen von Bloomingville